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Robotic Sorting Solutions

Intelligence · Efficiency · High flexibility · Low energy consumption · Customization
The world's leading supplier of flexible and intelligent sorting solutions

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What It Can Do

  • the sorting accuracy of the system can exceed 99.99%, and the error rate is close to zero

  • Excellent sorting solution after order picking

  • Warehousing sorting or picking centers in various industries such as clothing, retail, express delivery, fresh food (cold storage), jewelry, books, etc., suitable for order picking, parcel sorting and other scenarios

  • Covers fragile and ultra-small pieces that traditional cross belts are not good at sorting

  • Speed up from order generation to delivery

  • AI intelligent path planning. It can automatically calculate the most efficient path scheme. High-frequency delivery is planned within a short distance. 


Why do you need this?

  • Reduce space used for sortation process. Thus improving space utilization for enterprises and space efficiency.

  • Save cost and increase sortation efficiency without intensive labour force.

  • Standard equipment covering an area of 200 square meters can support 80,000-100,000 sorting per day.

  • High volume sort destination form 200-2000.

  • Compared with traditional cross-belt equipment, Sorting Robots run efficiently, quietly, and save energy

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